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The Fruit Seller (A Dawning of an Arab Spring),
oil on canvas, 1630 x 1220mm, 2011
Paul & John Nash in a Field near Chalfont St. Peter
Paul & John Nash in a Field near Chalfont St. Peter,
oil on canvas, 1073 x 1423mm, 2011
Arrangement near Chalfont
Arrangement near Chalfont,
oil on canvas, 502 x 655mm, 2011




  Paul Nash in a Field near Swanage
  Paul Nash in a Field near Swanage,
oil on canvas, 1288 x 1410mm, 2011



    The Palmer Etching
Celestine (Delacroix at Champrosay)
Célestine (Delacroix at Champrosay),
oil on panel, 660 x 613mm, 2012
The Palmer Etching (Sutherland at Goldsmiths),
oil on canvas, 2036 x 1756mm, 2012
The Meeting (Giotto and Cimabue),
oil, distemper and charcoal on canvas, 1855 x 2017mm, 2013
Gypsy at the Star Spangled Ball,
oil on paper, 811 x 500mm, 2013

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