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Latter Lammas
Latter Lammas,
oil on canvas, 594 x 873mm, 2005
  Bonjour Tristesse
  Bonjour Tristesse,
dried flowers, bitumen, gloss paint and mixed media,
440 x 440 x 440mm, 2006
The Malpais (1st Version)
The Malpais (1st Version),
oil on panel, 476 x 406mm, 2005
The Malpais (Perfect Sound Forever)
The Malpais (Perfect Sound Forever),
oil on panel, 450 x 366mm, 2005
The Malpais
The Malpais,
oil on canvas sunk into oil on canvas on panel,
748 x 950mm, 2004-6
Long Lost
Long Lost,
oil on canvas, 594 x 873mm, 2005
The Pond (JS)
The Pond (J.S),
oil on canvas, 459 x 509mm, 2005
The Slow Century
The Slow Century,
oil on canvas, 370 x 271mm, 2003
Some & Others
Some & Others,
oil and acrylic on canvas on panel,
401 x 300mm, 2004
Today, Until Now
Today, Until Now,
oil on canvas, 309 x 410mm, 2004

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