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Jacqui Hallum   Jacqui Hallum   Paul Housley   Paul Housley   LIDO   LIDO
the gallery/project that I run with Jacqui Hallum & David Rhodes
Sophie von Hellermann   Sophie von Hellermann   Claude Rogers   Claude Rogers (1907-1979)   Turps Banana   Turps Banana
a magazine written for and by painters
Varda Caivano   Varda Caivano   Cecily Brown   Cecily Brown   millimetre   millimetre: project space 01
Kate Scrivener & Finlay Taylor's artspace housed within a single picture frame
John Minton   John Minton (1917-1957)   John Craxton   John Craxton (1922-2009)   The Grantchester Pottery  

The Grantchester Pottery
The loveliest decorative arts company since Roger Fry et al

Sandro Chia   Sandro Chia   Carel Weight   Carel Weight (1908-1997)   Mike Wilson   Michael Wilson
artist, art writer & curator
Phoebe Unwin   Phoebe Unwin     David Jones (1895-1974)
  Pallant House   Pallant House Gallery
Victoria Morton   Victoria Morton   John Hubbard   John Hubbard   Anthony Powell Soc   Anthony Powell Society
RB Kitaj   RB Kitaj (1932-2007)   John Lessore   John Lessore   Neo Romanticism   Encyclopedia of British Neo Romanticism
Jeffery Camp   Jeffery Camp   Joan Eardley   Joan Eardley (1921-1963)   NGCA   Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art
Emily Jo Sargent   Emily Sargent   Rodrigo Moynihan   Rodrigo Moynihan (1910-1990)   De La Warr Pavilion   De La Warr Pavilion
William Coldstream   William Coldstream (1908-87)   Victor Passmore   Victor Pasmore (1908-1998)     Cathedral of Shit, much missed - but the archive is still live
Robert Colquhoun   Robert Colquhoun (1914-1962)   Keith Vaughan   Keith Vaughan (1912-1977)   SVA   Stour Valley Arts
Adrian Wisznewski   Adrian Wiszniewski   Prunella Clough   Prunella Clough (1919-1999)   Southampton City Art Gallery  

Southampton City Art Gallery
Home of Claude Rogers' 'Miss Lynn'

Julian Schnabel   Julian Schnabel   Graham Sutherland   Graham Sutherland (1903-1980)   National Galleries of Scotland   National Galleries of Scotland
Peter Doig   Peter Doig   Michael Andrews   Michael Andrews (1928-1995)   Cover Up   Cover Up, London
William Townsend   William Townsend (1909-1973)   Gerard Hemsworth   Gerard Hemsworth   Simon Gray: Butley   Simon Gray, novelist, playwright and diarist
Susan Rothenburg   Susan Rothenburg   Nick Evans   Nick Evans     Portable Document, brilliant home of downloadable artists' book works
Giles Round   Giles Round   William Turnbull   William Turnbull (1922-2012)   Rosamond Lehmann   Rosamond Lehmann
John Bellany   John Bellany   Enzo Cucchi   Enzo Cucchi     Beer with a Painter, Jennifer Samet's great blog
Frank Auerbach   Frank Auerbach   Merlin James   Merlin James     Abstract Critical
Will Daniels   William Daniels   John Wonnacott   John Wonnacott        
Hayley Tompkins   Hayley Tompkins   Alessandro Raho   Alessandro Raho        
Henry Krokatsis   Henry Krokatsis   Bruce McLean   Bruce McLean        
Katy Kirbach   Katy Kirbach   Gary Wragg   Gary Wragg