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The Dance Card

Christopher Owen
The Donna, 2010
Terry Smith
From Broom Series, 1988

Laetitia Yhap
John's Boat, 1976

Laetitia Yhap
Reading the Newspaper in the Boat, 1991

Giles Round
From the contents of the studio, 2010

Maggi Hambling
Portrait of the Artist's Father, 1994

Sophie von Hellermann
The Seventh Brother, 2009

Mark Titchner
have you had enough? / the truth / oh Tony, Tony, Tony / the NEW MT, 2009

Alan Rankle &
Kirsten Reynolds
Following the Deluge (Study for Fairlight from the Water Meadows, Early 21 st Century), 2010

Shelley Parker
Suicide, 2002


Jacqui Hallum
The Lengths, 2009


Max Hymes
Spirit Containers, 2010



Richard Webb
Anaglyph number 1, 2010


Emily Jo Sargent
No. 33 (100 Paintings of Coney Island), 2007

Becky Beasley
Figure (Part V), 2008

Dylan Shipton
Untitled, 2010

Gerard Hemsworth
Understanding Modernism, 2010

Stella Vine
Princess Tiaamii, 2010

Amanda Thesiger
Galaxy, 2010

Oliver Tanner
Untitled, 2010